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Type Mismatch Error


I'm having a problem, I just set up my old hp computer for my son. It didn't have an hdd anymore so I got one from my friends work. so when I start the computer up with the recovery disc in, I make it about 3 screens and when it gets to the screen that asks for country of origin, I click usa then next and it pops up a box that says type missmatch with an o.k. button, I click the button, then comes up a black screen with the bad command prompt. I have recovered numerous times with this disc, and I am stumped as to why this type mismatch is all of a sudden coming up, after all nothing has changed in the computer except for the hdd. Thank you all for any help. If this Q is in the wrong place I am sorry, this seemed most appropriate?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

References:- … rror.5376/
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