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TV out issue - slow moving horizontal lines scroll up the screen..


I use my Powerbook G4 as a video player, hooked up via the TV out (using the RCA style connector) to my television. This basically works fine, except for one subtle but annoying thing. There are slow moving horizontal 'lines', slightly brighter than the rest of the picture, that move up the screen constantly. This seems, to my untrained eye, like some sort of frame sync issue. The Monitors preference pane has a bunch of options, but none seem to make much difference. switching resolutions, turning on overscan or 'video mode', makes no difference, and there are only two frequency choices, 60Hz NTSC or 50Hz PAL. 60Hz is what i need to use, i guess, as my TV is north american and 50Hz results in a flickery black and white picture.What are these lines, and can i do anything about them?

Please help.

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